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After the Day of Visa Interview

Really… after the day of visa interview..i felt a bit tensed and happy..

Its a time for party..everyone says” congrats”..


Hurraih…Got visa today


after somany hurdles and small questions..i got visa today…

What is your GRE score? , physician

What is your %?

What is your father?

what is your mother?

what is the annual salary for your father? speak frankly….

Did you taken any Bank loan?

……………………….. Okie Pratyush…you are welcome to USA…

your visa will reach you in 3 days…congrats….

I can’t expression in words..i am very poor at expressing…Okie…ETA 2 hours for my Train from chennai to khammam….so got to go…

Any way..congrats Pottu

My visa interview is on 28th.. two days..i will face my visa interview…

a bit tensed..a bit confident…

everything is ok now…

lets hope..i get it…

Reliance R card working with Swecha

My notebook is running with the Telugu Operating system Swecha (స్వేచ్చ ).

Now configured Reliance R card Huwai model working with new configuration i.e

after upgrading the kernel to 2.6.18 , pills my wireless Lan and PCMCIA support extended and the GSM modem 1.0 is automatically detected….

Now i can use Internet in Swecha ….

Importance of Co-operative sector

India’s most of the work medium is Agriculture..

It mostly depend upon the basic needs Water, cialis and world dominating money.

every thing related to money so the farmer needs money to buy seads and most of the stuff needed to the land to furnish.

what are the sources of money for a normal Farmer??

he has to lend from any bank..most of the loans are being made by Co-operative Banks..and the real fact is high intrest are being paid in these co-operative banks.

If a bank is giving any loan, pharmacy it needs some amount in its locker to give ..what do say? i mean to say..deposits.

everybody sees the other banks like SBH, SBI, ICICI,HDFC etc..for deposting money..i dont know the reason…why dont we put money in these co-operative banks…

……….Open the eyes…

What do Money do??

Ha Ha..

Really you think this is a rediculous question, sovaldi a human being made.. well can you give me the answer for it..

Most of works in the real life is related to Money??is in’t it??

Common needs , pharm which 30% of the people are unable to make  ..are being not woned by the damn thing Money?? what will you say??

who made Money?

How there is a need of money?

Does money buy every thing??

——Well somany movies stated like” You can’t survive without money” and some movies stated ” Money can’t buy any thing”.

Leave the above ..becuase..both are contravarsial…

SAAGARA SANGAMAM- A movie dedicated to a True artist

Today i had an occasion to watch this movie ” saagarasangamam” in Gemini..

This movie was done by Great artist Kamalhassan.

Really how the artist really live life in that art?

HOw should he justifies??

what are the consequences of Love , purchase art and humanites?


For all of these we can get answers in this movie.

……………….For a glance of time ..i made a decision that.i have to perform art ….

India and US nuclear deal

at last US senate made a bill on India and US nuclear program..

What do this bill contains??

i dont know…with the Guess i can say.. US will give clearence to the New Nuclear Reactors in India and make India a nuck-country…

How does this help the India?

really a nice question…for obtaining answers…to whom we have to ask…

shall we ask Japaneese for How to use Nuck for better life of people ? or shall we ask US to how to use Nuck for weapons?

lets end upto here… First i have to read much then will edit this thread

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