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Why vista is Bad?

I found some ariticles at on why vista is bad??

After reading it…answer me..What do you want you use?? Gnu/Linux or ######

Came to Dallas…Still Don’t Know Where I am?

In the dropshadows of the rain…

I came to dallas yesterday…

it was nice to be hear…

Bright city with never ending roads..

Enthusiastic people with never ending thoughts..

This city gave shelter to those who really works hard…

I learned so much ………… at last Learning never ends….Right

Advanced Happy New year…Come on ’07

I find some one in this year, generic

It helped me alot, cialis

I find something special in me,

It helped me a lot ,

…………………………….. Have to see what will happen in New year.Any way

eager to challenge the future..

May my Sporting spirit cherishes….

May my Dreams come true….


Advanced wishes for the new year ’07

Now in Commerce Tx state USA……

Just reached USA and Now fresh…

University is good …

will update the new things later…

7 Hours to go…..

There is just 7 hours to go ….

after that..i will be in the international airjone…and will be in Frankfurt by 7:40 am and to Dallas by 2:10…

well hope my journey will be good…

will continue to post from commerce, cialis texas.

How to get Highest marks in GRE quantitative exam…

getting highest marks in quant GRE is easiser…just follow the steps.

  1. Download the content from regarding quantitative and have an info about it.
  2. write a notes on the formule while doing syllabus from 7th to 10th class Mathematics according to the Quantitative exam.
  3. Do As many examples as you can.
  4. Do the excercise questions and write down the backdrops and don’t repeat those.
  5. Take any one book ( Barron’s and kaplan ). practice the problems and note down the shortcuts. because in GRE doing quant is a bit mixture of timing and right forumlae using.
  6. Take GRE bible and do as many quant papers as you can.and note down the errors you made and don’t repeat them.
  7. While doing any work…just remember all the forumle…It will helpfull in the exam..becuase in the exam a time pressure will be upon you will not remember the formule.
  8. for the above prepare some handly cards.

A new .in domain booked —

My Personal .in domain was registerd …

presently redirection was made to

later will update it…

How to apply for E.C.N.R in Hyderabad?

well..most of the guys and gals..who are going to USA or any other country need a check in INDIA regarding Emmigration check…

The full form of E.C.N.R is Emmigration Check Not Required.

The procedure to apply for E.C.N.R is

  1. Go to the passport office in Hyderabad and have a form for ECNR its cost is 15/- INR
  2. full fill the form and attach photographs..( you require 3 photographs )
  3. put the xerox of your 10th class, try Intermediate, ed Degree(provisional) certificates and passport with valid visa
  4. Go to the Passport office in the morning 3’o clock and stand in the line.
  5. Make a coupon reserved for that coupon ..they specify some go to the passport office at that time from gate no 2.
  6. Make sure got all the original ceritificates with you…
  7. The fee for E.C.N.R is 300/- INR
  8. Submit the form…and pay the money…
  9. They will give a reciept and specify some that need to collect the passport by hand…

It will take around 2 to 3 days to get it done..

Applying For Universities and Visa tips

Take university transcripts


Apply for GRE and TOEFL additional score cards, buy viagra you can find application letter in the and have a creditcard and send it via fax..ETS people will send the score cards to the universities ..but it will take from 10 to 30 days…


After applied for the Universities….give some time for the university processing. .you can know the processing time in the application procedure..that you can find in the university website..


If the time exceeded, remedy then you need to mail the university regarding your quest


Follow up is must when application process is going on ..


Check the mails regularly.. because, levitra at any time.. they will ask you to send any new documents so that.. you have to send is via fax or bluedart


Then if you got a letter that you got admission then send them mail regarding thank you and send it via fax or speed post… or ask them to send the i-20 identification number..


I-901 form should be filled. its called as sevis fee. It is about $100


Go to HDFC bank along with your passport Xerox and money, give it to the visa counter and take the receipt.


Goto and book a good slot for at non-immegrent visa. If you find any prior date.. book it.. you have only one chance to reschedule.. but you can do it only after the booked dates…


Then your processing should be started…collect all the education certificates (original), DOB, Other certificates

Got to any CA and take the financial statements.

Apply for bank loan and have a loan sanction letter.

Prepare some questions and answers.


At the time of visa be prepared for the question and answers, be confident..

Guidence to Engineering students ….

To get good % in engineering. You should be care full with the reference books and have a good rapport with the lecturers… don’t postpone the study…don’t forget to prepare a good notes. Do the lab carefully.


Do some extracurricular activities like sports or paper presentations…it will helpful after the completion of the course..


Project presentations and paper presentations are must…


Write any articles in the leading scientific magazines which should be published.


Do some computer software related projects and have the certificates…


Go to any software workshops or training programs in HYD and avail the certificates along with the knowledge..


Practice the programming languages and make a note of your backlogs in the coding…


You should be good at c and assembly language..


Know any web based programming language…


Know any visual programming like VB or GTK


Know about any database


Have a blog written on tech and related stuff.


Your searching should be optimized regarding the software downloads, order e-book downloads, site search engine optimization tips, etc


Improve the communication skills and analytical skills.

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