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Search and Modify…..

29th June 2007 by Pratyush No Comments

In the field of Web Development, cure the basic patterns of working…. Do you have a search tool ? ( LOL…for searching the code….) Do you have an editor? ( Hehe….For editing the code…)… I call this kinda way …. ” Search and Modify “…. You have know, viagra what you want ? , diagnosis […]

Ready Made | Trees |

28th June 2007 by Pratyush No Comments

When you see the Topic as ” Ready Made | Trees|” , medical with in a sec, generic you might thought, whats this topic? The Reason,  Why i put the Topic as Ready made trees because, on the way to Dallas, i have seen some plantations stats ” home made Plants “….where i have seen […]

https Google….Secure Mail Environment

19th June 2007 by Pratyush No Comments

Slashdot given an article on Securing the Google based mail environment, and i.e gmail it suggested to use https instead of http in the public computers,free wi-fi’s and in open cafe’s. Secure your Mail Environment using Update: Now Gmail has given default https connection, you need to enable it in youg Gmail Settings.

First Movie in US

11th June 2007 by Pratyush No Comments

” Dubai Seenu” , My first movie in theater in US. work tensions, study and lot stopped me to see a movie…but now i break all those…

Installing Webmin 1.350 in Ubuntu or any Debian System

3rd June 2007 by Pratyush No Comments

Download the Debian package from OR from now open the terminal and login as Super User Now enter the command to install webmin dpkg -i <Location of the file> Example: i have downloaded file on my desktop dpkg -i /home/user/Desktop/webmin_1 .350_all.deb webmin depends upon following packages apt-get install libnet-ssleay-perl libauthen-pam-perl libio-pty-perl libmd5-perl Webmin […]

Summer Semester Starts…..

3rd June 2007 by Pratyush Comments Off on Summer Semester Starts…..

From Tomorrow Summer Semester Starts….. and My Thesis Work too..

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