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Ampache-Music R0x…. *** Removed***

Due to violations of TOS, viagra Ampache-Music R0x…Removed from the server..

Sorry Users, Copy righted materials are Not welcome in my server….

For more information mail me

Ampache Upgraded

Hi my loved Ampache Users….

Ampache was upgraded from to

Those who are facing problems with previous ampache…feel free to mail me at pratyush |AT| pratyush |DOT| in

Music Rox

its 2.2.1 ……

I today upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.2.1.

Fixed and more stable….

/. in my side bar

I updated my sidebar with the Latest News from /. i.e Slashdot.

I really like this social news on various things…. which builds a Knowlege upgrading day by day…

subscribe to its daily news letter..and become the Knowledge Geeks….

Once in a Blue Moon….

Yesterday i.e June 30, hospital I have seen Blue moon……

Wow, discount A full Moon, see with Blue in colour and sky is really Awsome….

After Reading about it, the saying ” Once in a Blue Moon” came from this kinda coming because, For every 2 or 4 years, this kinda blue moon appear on the sky..

The next Blue moon will be in December 2009.

Don’t Miss it……

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