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links for 2010-07-30

30th July 2010 by Pratyush No Comments

Yamini Nimmagadda (tags: yamini nimmagadda family) Ning | Create your own Custom Social Network. (tags: web2.0 social socialnetworking community tools web) PLAYPOWER | Learning Games for Radically Affordable Computers (tags: education games software opensource technology hardware 8bit computer)

links for 2010-07-29

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Data sorting world record: 1 terabyte, remedy 1 minute — Science Blog (tags: algorithms datamining hadoop sorting sort) How to Calibrate a Wii Remote (tags: wiimote calibration game)

links for 2010-07-22

22nd July 2010 by Pratyush No Comments

FEINHEIT GmbH – FeinCMS – FeinCMS, sickness Django CMS, medicine Open Source, NASA, Zurich, Django framework, Python, multilanguage, mehrsprachig, usability – Schweiz/Zürich – FEINHEIT kreativ studio (tags: cms django software) WHMCS – The Complete Client Management, Billing & Support Solution (tags: hosting support software management billing webhosting tools cpanel) INTOVPS • VPS Hosting (tags: vps […]

links for 2010-07-21

21st July 2010 by Pratyush No Comments

lightspark (tags: flash opensource software audio freesoftware streaming video) – Virtual Fitting Room for Online Clothing Retailers (tags: shopping 3d tools fashion web2.0 virtual) Salmon Run: Python script to convert CSV files to Excel (tags: python excel csv programming code converter) pyExcelerator | Download pyExcelerator software for free at (tags: python excel programming […]

links for 2010-07-20

20th July 2010 by Pratyush No Comments

Epic Browser (tags: browser india internet browsers mozilla)

links for 2010-07-19

19th July 2010 by Pratyush No Comments

OpenStack Open Source Cloud Computing Software (tags: cloud opensource cloudcomputing software virtualization scalability)

links for 2010-07-18

18th July 2010 by Pratyush No Comments – S3Sync Wiki (tags: s3 amazon backup ruby rsync tools storage) FuseOverAmazon – s3fs – Project Hosting on Google Code (tags: amazon filesystem storage aws s3 fuse s3fs backup)

links for 2010-07-17

17th July 2010 by Pratyush No Comments

Freebase (tags: semanticweb database web2.0 social wiki reference freebase)

links for 2010-07-15

15th July 2010 by Pratyush No Comments

Input (tags: python programming input ui) SeoQuake SEO extension :: Add-ons for Firefox (tags: firefox seo extensions addons google plugin) Web Scraping a Search Engine Results Page with the OutWit Hub Data Extractor (tags: seo tools firefox google scraping) Harvest The Web (tags: firefox tools extension web semanticweb)

links for 2010-07-14

14th July 2010 by Pratyush No Comments

Chatroulette Map (tags: map chat chatroulette maps privacy google fun) NNCC Ages & Stages – Five-year-old (tags: children development reference stages network) ????????? (tags: language telugu wiki) ?????? ??????????? | Google Groups (tags: telugu localization l10n groups) blender sourcecode, viagra uvcalc__quad__clickproj_8py-source.html, pilule 2.46+dfsg-3 00250 # Apply the projection matrix (tags: blender 3d click project python) […]

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