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links for 2010-07-13 (tags: opensource development software programming irc versioncontrol statistics bot) How to use HTML5 on your website today | Applications – InfoWorld (tags: html5 webdesign programming css standards howto) The Real Life Social Network v2 (tags: socialmedia google social presentation facebook socialnetworking research) Tracy Chapman – Official Website (tags: flash music webdesign inspiration interactive website […]

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App Inventor for Android (tags: android google apps programming development tools)

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Processing Forms | accepting data from a HTML form and emailing the results with a CGI script (tags: forms cgi perl html programming tutorial) Scrapy | An open source web scraping framework for Python (tags: web crawler opensource python)

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links for 2010-07-09 (tags: radio hamradio ham amateur electronics shopping store)

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CUBINlab – Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering – University of Melbourne (tags: software opensource performance time ntp)

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links for 2010-07-07 :: View topic – Python + Actuator Physics + mouse control (tags: blender 3d mouse position python) Blender Python API post 2.49b (19/09/2009) (tags: blender python api reference scripting 3d) SCA_MouseSensor.SCA_MouseSensor (tags: mouse blender 3d python) Rasterizer (tags: rasterizer blender 3d python mouse) Blender 3D: Blending Into Python/Cookbook – Wikibooks, viagra collection of open-content […]

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Free Range Studios | Graphic Design | Washington DC | Berkeley CA – Home (tags: design webdesign activism sustainability environment inspiration)

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