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links for 2011-04-28

28th April 2011 by Pratyush No Comments (tags: cloud desktop web os)

links for 2011-04-21

21st April 2011 by Pratyush No Comments

Python reading a tabbed text file into a series of lists – Stack Overflow (tags: python csv list txt) Python: module plot (tags: python plots)

links for 2011-04-20

20th April 2011 by Pratyush No Comments

nuwii – A natural user interface using wii remotes as IR tracking cameras. – Google Project Hosting (tags: wimote 3d java) YouTube – 6DOF with wiimote and glovepie (tags: wiimote glovepie 6dof) Documentation – ROS Wiki (tags: robotics software framework robot opensource)

links for 2011-04-15

15th April 2011 by Pratyush No Comments

mouse move blender python (tags: mouse move python blender3d) Welcome – OpenCV Wiki (tags: programming vision opensource library software c++ graphics opencv) TLD | Zdenek Kalal (tags: video tracking detection camera opensource learning)

links for 2011-04-11

11th April 2011 by Pratyush No Comments

Welcome to – Learn Morse Code (CW) Online! – Learn CW Online (tags: morse hamradio radio cw tutorial morsecode learning)

links for 2011-04-10

10th April 2011 by Pratyush No Comments

SIO2::2D/3D Game Engine for Mobile Devices (tags: iphone engine 3d game programming games opensource) Read wii nunchuck data into arduino | Windmeadow Labs (tags: wiimote arduino) Wiimote Hack – Hack a Wii – Wiimote Hacks, sick Mod Chips, DIY Nintendo Wii projects and more (tags: wiimote) 5 of the Best Free Linux Disk Encryption Tools […]

links for 2011-04-09

9th April 2011 by Pratyush No Comments

Virgin Oceanic (tags: science travel ocean technology oceanography exploration) Doc:2.4/Books/GameKit 2/06.Shooting game – BlenderWiki (tags: blender 3d gameengine gamelogic) YouTube – Blender GE Wii/Mouse gesture detection (tags: blender 3d wiimote gesture) Wiimote Tracking system at 6-DOF (tags: wiimote blender)

links for 2011-04-08

8th April 2011 by Pratyush No Comments

OSUOSL | Open Source Lab (tags: opensource community software mirrors hosting) Open Compute – Opensource Datacenter (tags: facebook opensource hardware datacenter design)

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