Blog Automation

Posted by Pratyush - 02/12/10 at 04:12 am

As you all can see , buy cialis most of the recent posts in my blog are my bookmarks from Delicious.

I can call this as automation to keep my blog alive.

but i was thinking, sovaldi i can see these updates in my delicious page also. that means am i increasing duplicity in internet?

I was wondering how much duplicate stuff out there in the internet crowding and storing in the servers?

I do believe that as there is pollution in environment due to waste, recipe there will pollution in internet due to duplicate junk. This will be a variable which effects on the Real atmosphere , heat increases from the server plants etc.

how can we call this ? ” Internet Waste “???

how can we recycle the junk in internet? , there should be a framework for lighter and faster internet, if it is so, then including internet junk removal may be a good start up.

What you think?

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