well..most of the guys and gals..who are going to USA or any other country need a check in INDIA regarding Emmigration check…

The full form of E.C.N.R is Emmigration Check Not Required.

The procedure to apply for E.C.N.R is

  1. Go to the passport office in Hyderabad and have a form for ECNR its cost is 15/- INR
  2. full fill the form and attach photographs..( you require 3 photographs )
  3. put the xerox of your 10th class, try Intermediate, ed Degree(provisional) certificates and passport with valid visa
  4. Go to the Passport office in the morning 3’o clock and stand in the line.
  5. Make a coupon reserved for you..in that coupon ..they specify some time..so go to the passport office at that time from gate no 2.
  6. Make sure that..you got all the original ceritificates with you…
  7. The fee for E.C.N.R is 300/- INR
  8. Submit the form…and pay the money…
  9. They will give a reciept and specify some time..at that time..you need to collect the passport by hand…

It will take around 2 to 3 days to get it done..

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