I have a g.ho.st now

I am now g.ho.st powered.  g.ho.st is Global Hosted Operating SysTem .

By using cloud computing they made this possible.

its easy , try powerfull and having most of the daily applications as we need.

as default they are giving 5 GB of storage space and 1 GB of Mail space.(expandable)

its like a computer in the air . wherever you go you can have your computer with you. there just need a browser with internet connection.

i started loving this .

by the way i am writing this thread from G.ho.st Browser ( alpha) in “pratyush @ g.ho.st”

I tested Indic websites in this browser too. they are working .

so folks start g.ho.st ing .

Feel free to use my name ” pratyush” as your referer.

Happy G.HO.ST ing.

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February 19, 2009 · Pratyush · 2 Comments
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