pArTy is Over…..

Posted by Pratyush - 10/02/07 at 10:02 pm

The same as usual freshers is over….

The same mix songs..the same low level games..the same Indian timing….

at last the 30 rOx…

telugu, click hindi,english… remixes makes the party a live show…

Dancing … no need to say about that..after somany days..i did the initialization < init 1 > the rest..the chain process…

The same old ..most of the new commers especially girls dint came .. ” Hey you know..i Offered “.. SHY beats the will….

as usual photo sessions and send off to the Staff advisor.. we really miss her alot..

Without a prior correct information the party was held.. Girls come with Saries..and Boyz r0x with formals…

Indian Veg food.. may be from PASAND-Dallas… good..

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