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Global Internet Village : Youtube Symphony

15th April 2009 by Pratyush 1 Comment

Internet Revolution as a Global Unity can be viewed from Youtube Symphony. Kudos to the idea and it was very nice composition… Hope Everyone realize , no rx How unite we can be via Internet ? Digital Divide and Digital Unite are the areas that needs attention.. Hope Web 2.0 Advancements break the Digital Divide […]


21st February 2009 by Pratyush No Comments

Know your self, cure know your community , mind know about india and what should we need to do for ourselves and for society. Its all in Delhi-6. Very good Screen play . Indian values were very rich in every shot. I love the movie. There is a feel in it. the roots of Delhi […]

nA chelimi – nA prEma – nA prANaM

12th January 2009 by Pratyush 6 Comments

Due to my blog’s weird DB settings, tadalafil i am unable to get Telugu working in my posts..Pch.. so i am putting the link. The Following is the simple thought ( Kavitha )  , viagra Please read from here . Please comment on it.

Keep Moving Forward….

6th October 2007 by Pratyush Comments Off on Keep Moving Forward….

Just seen the Movie ” Meet the Robinsons”, store a 2007 relased , Animation Movie… Entire movie was based on one Slogan ” Keep Moving Forward”.. I really loved this slogan…remainding my Dad..who keep saying the same thing,whenever i depressed with failures… Love you Dad… and i will ” Keep Moving Forward”…

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