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New Public cgi-irc Launched

Proudly announcing that, cheap a Public cgi-irc was lanuched at here

share the link and use it.

Have a great experience.

if you want more channels, feel free to conatact at pratyush AT pratyush DOT in

1000 albums |||| 9362 songs |||| Total 39.95GB

I am proudly saying that, recipe my ampache radio is now serving aroung 39.95 GB of various music.

You can hear all the songs non stop upto 31 days 12 hours.

Thankyou for my friends, who have lots and lots of music collection.

Music Rox is now drawing around 20 GB bandwidth every month.

If you want to listen my radio ,feel free to mail me at ” pratyush AT pratyush DOT in “

Nouvelles Informations Positives Libres-(NIPL)

Proudly, sale I am a member of NIPL community.

Now i am in and

-I like the thought behind NIPL

Feel free to contact me(pratyush AT pratyush DOT in ) or Sam  for free/sponser account.

with the free account you get

– ssh access

– 100 MB webspace

– debian OS background.

– you can do anything…..

For more information check NIPL

HaPpY BiRtH DaY…22 Over…Now in 23…..

Eggs, sale Tamota Curry, search chilli sauce, sovaldi sale tamote sause,milk,curd,cool cake,coke,energy drinks ,Orange juice etc….

I drown in them….

Its my B’day bath…

Second part-> around 25 members…  played Foot Ball with my Back…

–==| Tomorrow is My B’day |==–

Tomorrow is  my first b’day in  US…..

a bit tensed…first B’day along with friends…and worried about My B’day Boms…

Let’s See what happens…

Happy B’day Pottu…….

–==|End of Sem |==–

It is the last week in the sem, hospital

next week,examz….

All the best to all….

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