ARRL certified Volunteer Examinar

Today, ailment I received my Volunteer Examiner ( VE) Certificate along with Identification Card from American Radio Relay League ( ARRL).

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Officially General Class

I am happy to announce that, order FCC updated the ULS Database with my new certification ” General Class” . Uhuuu.. For more information , ampoule Click here

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Aced General Class Exam

Yesterday, thumb I aced general class exam for ham radio . eagerly waiting for the FCC to send me the official copy. Now i can operate HF ( High Frequency) rigs. Pch.. they are too costly

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Human Touch

Its been long time since i wrote some thing in this blog. May be this is the reason , store i am thinking that ” pratyush. in ” lost Human touch. It became more robot driven or say automated message driven rather than my writings. I should start writing with some definitive track. Hope i […]

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Last Post in 2009 – Happy New Year – 2010

I wish every one Happy New Year 2010.

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ClayClub – TAMUC – Pratyush – Creation

I am a part of Clay Club . Texas A&M University – Commerce. Last week we had a workshop on How to make Clay Items. I made a Plate. [youtube]0dvuSWnFiyM[/youtube]

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A Walk With Pratyush Series 1

A Walk With Pratyush is a Video Series by me. This will be a Video blog category in which i post videos. Series1: Science Building 355 To Journalism Building at Texas A&M University – Commerce Part 1: [youtube]DF6R3-6J9NY[/youtube] Part 2: [youtube]qGsSF1IAcsI[/youtube] Part 3: [youtube]gIQezk2xOqI[/youtube] Note: Thanks to James Gee Library – Texas A&M University – […]

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404 in

as you all know, purchase i asked how should i put a http-404 in my site . i got an idea. I made a video on youtube says and placed in my 404 .(i placed autostart and loop). Yes, patient I know its funny but i am making it more funnier. Hope you like […]

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I have Google Wave Now

I am happy to tell you that I have google wave now. Thanks to Vamsi K Karamsetty for referring me and Google for giving me access. If you don’t have a google wave account, buy cialis you can request one at Happy Waving .

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I am Now Using Flock

I am now using Flock .. A good social networking interactive website. Need to explore more .. Happy Flocking everyone Blogged with the Flock Browser

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