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CGI-IRC Removed..

Due to the mis-using of the CGI-IRC by the users, viagra i removed it from the server sorry for the inconvience.

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Science R0x…..

The recent trends, ailment which are unknown to the common man, ed are reviled in the IJCNN-2007 Conf held at Orlando,Florida.. How Science can help to find a specific tree to cut, and who are having the Breast Cancer…. can you distinguish b/w language , community and evolution? How music is good for health? and […]

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Happy Independence Day…….

PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN. Let the world know what we stand for. There are 3.22 Million Indians in America. 38% of Doctors in America are Indians. 12% of Scientists in America are Indians. 36% of NASA employees are Indians. 34% of MICROSOFT employees are Indians. 28% of IBM employees are Indians. 17% of INTEL […]

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Happy Friendship Day….

Hello all, mind I wish you Happy Friendship Day… May you fetch more heights in friendship….

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