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Learning Netware.312

In the first Networking Lab1 Learning Netware 3.12 installation, ed peer-to-peer network and all the stuff…

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Connecting Mysql to a PHP form…

Presently hacking how we can store a PHP form data into a MySql Database… The form is submitted to a .dat file…but it is not storing in the localhost database… Hope..i hack that code…

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*Movie*Pirates of Silicon Valley…..

Pirates of Silicon Valley.. The movie b/w Apple Inc and Microsoft…. Really good movie on the rivalry…

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999 Factorials !…..

Its amaging that some body put the 999 factorials in one site along with ‘c’ code… This page contains the ‘C’ code used to do that…

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b0t collection v 0.1

attaching following b0ts collected over internet… Nice practice for begineers who want to write b0ts for Irc…  b0t collection V 0.1 Download and Hack into them…..

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New Face book account created…

Today i created a new face book account come and have a friendship with me….

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Orkut is not updating well

Most of the Indian’s get in touch via Orkut… well.. its not updating the user updates.. Whats the problem..and one more thing..i can’t add some of my friends who are having diff language options..its not my problem.. i can Scrap them…but i can’t add them in my friends list.. Hey … why do this happen […]

February 10, 2007 · Pratyush · 2 Comments
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pArTy is Over…..

The same as usual freshers is over…. The same mix songs..the same low level games..the same Indian timing…. at last the 30 rOx… telugu, click hindi,english… remixes makes the party a live show… Dancing … no need to say about that..after somany days..i did the initialization < init 1 > the rest..the chain process… […]

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Today is freshers for us in US

well… As per Seniors today we have freshers…let me see what they will do…?? US vachhinaa freshers tappatledu :((

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GOogle adsense disabled..

I dont know about the click activities in the site..but today i got a mail from google that..there are some unlawful clicks from the site…so theya are disabling the google adsense to my account… Most of the spammers are using the comments for attacking the blog..daily i am recieving more than 3 spam coments… i […]

February 7, 2007 · Pratyush · Comments Closed
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