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6 years of blogging at

Today this blog ” ” turned 6 years. Some years human took care of it, prostate some years robots took care of it.  Some how, this website is alive and running from various hosts but with one single platform “wordpress”.

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Blog Automation

As you all can see , buy cialis most of the recent posts in my blog are my bookmarks from Delicious. I can call this as automation to keep my blog alive. but i was thinking, sovaldi i can see these updates in my delicious page also. that means am i increasing duplicity in internet? […]

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ARRL certified Volunteer Examinar

Today, ailment I received my Volunteer Examiner ( VE) Certificate along with Identification Card from American Radio Relay League ( ARRL).

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Last Post in 2009 – Happy New Year – 2010

I wish every one Happy New Year 2010.

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Jai Telugu Talli

????? ????? ???????? ????????? (AMdhra avataraNa dinOtsava saMdharbhaMgaa ) , illness Here are some of the art work from Mr. Sanjiva. Note: Due to my Blogs  DB settings , I am unable to write Telugu here. Please Forgive me. Pratyush Kotturu

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Happy Independence Day 2009

Happy Independence Day 2009. I am Proud to be an Indian. I Love my India. Jai Hind

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News On Smart Immigrants Going Home

I just read a slashdot article on ” Smart Immigrants Going Home “… seems very interesting and there were pretty nice facts on the paper too. I really believe the survey results and what the people say about the on going experiences. for your considertaion, ailment i am posting the links here

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EIE 2002 Photos Website

For all Electronics And Instrumentation Engineering – 2002 Batch from SSJ Engineering College , cialis Photos Check I Miss you all ….

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Words lead you to Worlds…..

Small URL…tends to Lots of Information….that’s why..i make the thread as ” Words lead you to Worlds”… what do you say?, medical whether you want information ” How to  Straighten your Hair?”.. or ” How to sleep in Rush Environment?”…. Most of the Questions will be having answers in the world wide web.. worlds root […]

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Long time No SEE….well i am back…..

its being long time, sovaldi sale i posted a thread in my blog… No time for web-surfing… hmm…busy life you know… but at last, discount i made some time to write the post…you know from where i am writing? , here its from my Course work class… Really, since 1 month..its being up’s and down’s […]

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