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Blog Automation

As you all can see , buy cialis most of the recent posts in my blog are my bookmarks from Delicious. I can call this as automation to keep my blog alive. but i was thinking, sovaldi i can see these updates in my delicious page also. that means am i increasing duplicity in internet? […]

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ARRL certified Volunteer Examinar

Today, ailment I received my Volunteer Examiner ( VE) Certificate along with Identification Card from American Radio Relay League ( ARRL).

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Last Post in 2009 – Happy New Year – 2010

I wish every one Happy New Year 2010.

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Jai Telugu Talli

????? ????? ???????? ????????? (AMdhra avataraNa dinOtsava saMdharbhaMgaa ) , illness Here are some of the art work from Mr. Sanjiva. Note: Due to my Blogs  DB settings , I am unable to write Telugu here. Please Forgive me. Pratyush Kotturu

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Happy Independence Day 2009

Happy Independence Day 2009. I am Proud to be an Indian. I Love my India. Jai Hind

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News On Smart Immigrants Going Home

I just read a slashdot article on ” Smart Immigrants Going Home “… seems very interesting and there were pretty nice facts on the paper too. I really believe the survey results and what the people say about the on going experiences. for your considertaion, ailment i am posting the links here

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EIE 2002 Photos Website

For all Electronics And Instrumentation Engineering – 2002 Batch from SSJ Engineering College , cialis Photos Check I Miss you all ….

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Words lead you to Worlds…..

Small URL…tends to Lots of Information….that’s why..i make the thread as ” Words lead you to Worlds”… what do you say?, medical whether you want information ” How to  Straighten your Hair?”.. or ” How to sleep in Rush Environment?”…. Most of the Questions will be having answers in the world wide web.. worlds root […]

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Long time No SEE….well i am back…..

its being long time, sovaldi sale i posted a thread in my blog… No time for web-surfing… hmm…busy life you know… but at last, discount i made some time to write the post…you know from where i am writing? , here its from my Course work class… Really, since 1 month..its being up’s and down’s […]

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Happy Independence Day…….

PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN. Let the world know what we stand for. There are 3.22 Million Indians in America. 38% of Doctors in America are Indians. 12% of Scientists in America are Indians. 36% of NASA employees are Indians. 34% of MICROSOFT employees are Indians. 28% of IBM employees are Indians. 17% of INTEL […]

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