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I am a Boxee

Now i am using Boxee Alpha ( ) in my Mac OS X what i used to see via CBS , online Hulu , buy viagra Youtube etc are at one place now. and also, Boxee is like all in one media browser for network photos , videos and stored pictures, videos in the […]

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MacVideo Tutorials with Subtitles founder C Gand, and started MacVideo Tutorials with subtitles. As one of the member and active participant, unhealthy i am contributing English subtitiles for the tutorials. for more information check at check for help / contribution pages, if you wanna help.

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News On Smart Immigrants Going Home

I just read a slashdot article on ” Smart Immigrants Going Home “… seems very interesting and there were pretty nice facts on the paper too. I really believe the survey results and what the people say about the on going experiences. for your considertaion, ailment i am posting the links here

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I am now MediaWiki powerd

Since a long time, healing i was thinking, pills where can i share my knowledge ? , i tried a lot of things , but wiki is the best one to share. so i now started wiki’ing at I named it after my AKA name “ScriptMan Wiki ” It mainly contains, all the docs, […]

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