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Proudly a member of ACM Society

well, help Today i joined the as a Graduate Student member and i am competing for Webmaster position in my School ACM Chapter. I found is the portal with lot of information on the current trends and has lot of courses to learn. you can see my acm page at 

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Proudly a mirror for the

well, ed now i am proudly providing mirror for latest ISO’s.. You can download the Software ISO’s from my mirror or from I am contributing my server space for this great software package.

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FreeSMUG- Free OpenSource Software Mac User Group

A Group dedicated for Free OpenSource Software Mac Users… , doctor these will provide all the applications of Free and OpenSource, runs in Mac.. I really like this site…becuase, this group compiled an FSuite CD, contains around 40 applications .. and provided with Portable App’s….cool One of the best site for Free & OpenSource Lovers,which […]

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Keep Moving Forward….

Just seen the Movie ” Meet the Robinsons”, store a 2007 relased , Animation Movie… Entire movie was based on one Slogan ” Keep Moving Forward”.. I really loved this slogan…remainding my Dad..who keep saying the same thing,whenever i depressed with failures… Love you Dad… and i will ” Keep Moving Forward”…

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Open Source Mac… My Fav .APP’s….

I use lots of Open Source Stuff in my Mac Book… I thought, generic why don’t i help others, medical to get the benefits from Opensource .APP’s … The has the .APP’s i use… I Use 1) Insomnia ( Mac sleep option modifier- Now i can still hear itunes although i close the desktop) […]

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Words lead you to Worlds…..

Small URL…tends to Lots of Information….that’s why..i make the thread as ” Words lead you to Worlds”… what do you say?, medical whether you want information ” How to  Straighten your Hair?”.. or ” How to sleep in Rush Environment?”…. Most of the Questions will be having answers in the world wide web.. worlds root […]

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Long time No SEE….well i am back…..

its being long time, sovaldi sale i posted a thread in my blog… No time for web-surfing… hmm…busy life you know… but at last, discount i made some time to write the post…you know from where i am writing? , here its from my Course work class… Really, since 1 month..its being up’s and down’s […]

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