pArTy is Over…..

The same as usual freshers is over….

The same mix songs..the same low level games..the same Indian timing….

at last the 30 rOx…

telugu, click hindi,english… remixes makes the party a live show…

Dancing … no need to say about that..after somany days..i did the initialization < init 1 > the rest..the chain process…

The same old ..most of the new commers especially girls dint came .. ” Hey you know..i Offered “.. SHY beats the will….

as usual photo sessions and send off to the Staff advisor.. we really miss her alot..

Without a prior correct information the party was held.. Girls come with Saries..and Boyz r0x with formals…

Indian Veg food.. may be from PASAND-Dallas… good..

February 10, 2007 · Pratyush · No Comments
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