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Security Issues with Twitter App’s in Android

24th August 2010 by Pratyush No Comments

I recently bought a HTC EVO 4G , healing and as usual configured my twitter account with default HTC peep. as a security prone person, i checked my mobile wifi connection using ARP sniffer ( ettercap ) and turned out that HTC peep is connecting to twitter and twitimg with plain text authentication ( showing […]

Aced General Class Exam

18th June 2010 by Pratyush No Comments

Yesterday, thumb I aced general class exam for ham radio . eagerly waiting for the FCC to send me the official copy. Now i can operate HF ( High Frequency) rigs. Pch.. they are too costly

Upgraded to WordPress 3.0

18th June 2010 by Pratyush No Comments

Just upgraded my blog to WordPress 3.0.. changed tools options, remedy upgrade options, dashboard tab.. I started liking it.

404 in

28th October 2009 by Pratyush No Comments

as you all know, purchase i asked how should i put a http-404 in my site . i got an idea. I made a video on youtube says and placed in my 404 .(i placed autostart and loop). Yes, patient I know its funny but i am making it more funnier. Hope you like […]

I have Google Wave Now

28th October 2009 by Pratyush No Comments

I am happy to tell you that I have google wave now. Thanks to Vamsi K Karamsetty for referring me and Google for giving me access. If you don’t have a google wave account, buy cialis you can request one at Happy Waving .

Global Internet Village : Youtube Symphony

15th April 2009 by Pratyush 1 Comment

Internet Revolution as a Global Unity can be viewed from Youtube Symphony. Kudos to the idea and it was very nice composition… Hope Everyone realize , no rx How unite we can be via Internet ? Digital Divide and Digital Unite are the areas that needs attention.. Hope Web 2.0 Advancements break the Digital Divide […]

I am a Boxee

8th March 2009 by Pratyush No Comments

Now i am using Boxee Alpha ( ) in my Mac OS X what i used to see via CBS , online Hulu , buy viagra Youtube etc are at one place now. and also, Boxee is like all in one media browser for network photos , videos and stored pictures, videos in the […]

MacVideo Tutorials with Subtitles

7th March 2009 by Pratyush No Comments founder C Gand, and started MacVideo Tutorials with subtitles. As one of the member and active participant, unhealthy i am contributing English subtitiles for the tutorials. for more information check at check for help / contribution pages, if you wanna help.

I am now MediaWiki powerd

3rd March 2009 by Pratyush No Comments

Since a long time, healing i was thinking, pills where can i share my knowledge ? , i tried a lot of things , but wiki is the best one to share. so i now started wiki’ing at I named it after my AKA name “ScriptMan Wiki ” It mainly contains, all the docs, […]

Now I LinkedIn

25th February 2009 by Pratyush No Comments

Today morning , ailment while checking my bookmarks in Firfox 3 , i saw recommendations from Firefox in Getting Started page. LinkedIn – Professional Networking site. I belive in networking and where abouts in WWW , so created my Linkedin Profile I started from registering to completing the profile , and it does have very […]

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