cgi:irc | made my life easier

when i use irssi, pharmacy on a remote server with ssh, site it nearly took my breath off, sovaldi every time i need to see the command line format, i can’t go to alternate tabs with short cuts which i used in Xchat.

so after searching open source community, i got a gr8 source called cgi:irc which runs on perl 5.0 above and cgi.

i downloaded, changed the config file, uploaded into cgi-bin directory and started using it…

it works really amazing, welll, it doesn’t support most of the IRC- commands, but really it works cool.

But, if we have a great command line IRC client called IRSSI, then why should i have to use a graphical browser based cgi:irc, i thought, these graphical operating systems made us to bind to graphical interfaces..

you know, still i use LINKS command line browser………..

April 29, 2007 · Pratyush · Comments Closed
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