TAMUC – A Search Engine Plugin for Texas A&M University-Commerce

With the use of OpenSearch format… I made a search plugin to Search Texas A&M University-Commerce for Firefox 2.0 or above and IE 7.0 and above..

How to install it in Firefox 2.0 or above :-

1) Click the Down Arrow at the search bar of the Firefox 1.0 or above

2) There you can see the SearchPlugin name = ” TAMUC” and description as ” Add TAMUC”

3) click on that…

4) Now you can use the plug-in…

How to install in IE 7.0 or above :-

1) Click on the Down Arrow of the Search bar of IE 7.0 or above.

2) You can see the option called “Add search provider”. Mouse over on it..

3) ” TAMUC ” will appear…click on it…

4) A pop-up window asking to install the plug-in will appear…

5) if you want to make this as the default search engine then ” Tick ” the default search engine option and Click Install.

6) Thats it… Now you can search in Texas A&M University- Commerce from your IE.

The Logo was taken from Original Texas A&M University- Commerce. I am not Responsible for any Data Loss.This Plug-in is not an Official Plug-in from Texas A&M University-Commerce.

This Plug-in is Ad-free and Released under GPL v3.

July 14, 2007 · Pratyush · Comments Closed
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