getting highest marks in quant GRE is easiser…just follow the steps.

  1. Download the content from regarding quantitative and have an info about it.
  2. write a notes on the formule while doing syllabus from 7th to 10th class Mathematics according to the Quantitative exam.
  3. Do As many examples as you can.
  4. Do the excercise questions and write down the backdrops and don’t repeat those.
  5. Take any one book ( Barron’s and kaplan ). practice the problems and note down the shortcuts. because in GRE doing quant is a bit mixture of timing and right forumlae using.
  6. Take GRE bible and do as many quant papers as you can.and note down the errors you made and don’t repeat them.
  7. While doing any work…just remember all the forumle…It will helpfull in the exam..becuase in the exam a time pressure will be upon you will not remember the formule.
  8. for the above prepare some handly cards.
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