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What the google is saying…”” Google Trends “” regarding SEX

while checking the a strange thing was shown… in google trends… The top city which is searching the word ” sex ” is New delhi..infact in the second position is Chennai, viagra and mumbai is also in top 10 list… and in languages tab… Tamil is the language in the first place.. […]

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Presently Hacking C&DS and Assembly language

well…. Now i am hacking into C&Ds and Assembly Language… Need some links which are fit for me… thinking..reading..writing…. I love Internet which gives me Info

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Browse Happy….

Just now read a blog regarding How to Browse Happy… check it out… ” Browse Happy “

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Happy New year 2007

scrapping and giving offlines made me write my own blog with Happy new year wishes 14 minutes late…. any way… Happy New year to Every body…. May The friendship cherishes, store May All lives in Peace, and Everything succesfull………

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