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Happy New Year 2011

31st December 2010 by Pratyush 1 Comment

I was thinking, buy cialis do i need to blog about happy new year and wish every one in 2010 for 2011 or should i update tomorrow i.e on the first day of 2011. Well. I would like to do it today because of no reason. Hope you all have great time ahead and be […]

links for 2010-12-30

30th December 2010 by Pratyush No Comments

Amazon S3 tools: s3cmd : command line S3 client (tags: s3 amazon aws backup tools) Amazon S3 – The Beginner’s Guide (tags: s3 amazon storage)

links for 2010-12-29

29th December 2010 by Pratyush No Comments

A List of Amazon S3 Backup Tools (by Jeremy Zawodny) (tags: s3 backup amazon storage tools)

links for 2010-12-27

27th December 2010 by Pratyush No Comments

DAN HATES SPAM – A Public Service Website (tags: spam law fun) Grand Canyon National Park – Places To Go (U.S. National Park Service) Desert View (tags: grand canyon) Grand Canyon National Park – Visitor and Information Centers (U.S. National Park Service) (tags: grand canyon) The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code – Joel […]

links for 2010-12-23

23rd December 2010 by Pratyush No Comments

Selenium web application testing system (tags: testing web tools firefox development test software selenium) Main Page – OpenKinect (tags: kinect opensource hardware hack) Kinect Hacks | Connect with Kinect Hacks! (tags: kinect hacks opensource osx)

links for 2010-12-17

17th December 2010 by Pratyush No Comments

Body Browser – Google Labs (tags: google education health visualization 3d browser)

links for 2010-12-15

15th December 2010 by Pratyush No Comments

Positivism in psychology: historical … – Google Books (tags: watson titchener)

links for 2010-12-11

11th December 2010 by Pratyush No Comments

Doug Davis: A Theory for the 90s (tags: freud seduction theory) Jeffrey Masson and Freud's seduction theory: a new fable … (tags: freud seduction theory) Freud's seduction theory – Wikipedia, drugstore the free encyclopedia (tags: freud seduction theory) Freud and Seduction Theory Reconsidered (tags: freud seduction theory) An Introduction to the History of Psychology By […]

links for 2010-12-10

10th December 2010 by Pratyush No Comments

DOS Attacks and DNS: How to Stay Up If Your DNS Provider goes DOWN » – Happenings and observations (tags: dns security ddos sysadmin howto internet)

Blog Automation

2nd December 2010 by Pratyush No Comments

As you all can see , buy cialis most of the recent posts in my blog are my bookmarks from Delicious. I can call this as automation to keep my blog alive. but i was thinking, sovaldi i can see these updates in my delicious page also. that means am i increasing duplicity in internet? […]

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